Mount Philo

We went on a field trip to Mount Philo. We hiked up the mountain it was a little bit cold. I hiked up with my friend, we took lots of really cool pictures. It was a long walk but it was fun! When we got to the top if was really warm out and the view was pretty. We stayed on the top of the mountain for 3 hours. When we hiked down, I hiked with two of my other friends.  It was along hike but it was fun!

All About My Avatar

I chose this avatar because it looks like me. I have blond hair and so does my avatar. Also she is holding a soccer ball because I play soccer, and I have blue eyes so I made my avatars eyes blue too. I made my background pink because it is one of my favorite colors.

All About Me

My name is Maddie I live in Vermont I am 10 years old. I love to snowboard in the winter. I also play soccer on a travel team, I play in the spring, fall and winter. My favorite food is ice cream! I love ice cream but I don’t have a favorite kind. Also I love animals! I have two cats and a hamster named Mabel, but I really want a dog! My favorite kind of dog is an Australian Shepard. And that is all about me!